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UVAC membership renewal

UVAC membership renewal

Renewing membership enables UVAC to continue to champion higher level technical professional education and skills delivered by higher educational providers.


Over the past 25 years UVAC has become the foremost authority on higher and degree apprenticeships, technical, and professional education; providing an independent voice for its members, championing higher level vocational learning and supporting institutions in skills delivery.


Our membership plays an important part in ensuring that UVAC remains one of the leading voices in the skills sector on apprenticeships delivered by HE and enables UVAC to influence government policy, learning quality through research and collaboration.


In addition to our important lobbying and advocacy work, we also provide a wide portfolio of valuable membership services for those engaged in higher and degree apprenticeships, higher technical education, professional skills, and work-based learning, giving members access to:

  • the dissemination of issues of topical interest and information on policy and practice through papers, reports, articles and events
  • UVAC’s online journal, HEWSBL
  • good practice guides and advisory papers on key learning products, initiatives and policies
  • HERA a data dashboard to make comparator analysis of your performance
  • a programme of conferences, seminars and workshops on contemporary issues in the field of higher level vocational learning


“I love the opportunity to network with the different university partners.”


Throughout the year, members are also able to access a host of events, webinars and state of the nation sessions, not only offering the opportunity to gain valuable insights into the latest trends and developments in the field of higher level apprenticeships, but also network with others in the sector.


Our Knowledge Networks,  across a number of  apprenticeship standards, subject specialisms and thematic areas,  facilitate collaborative working for HE practitioners, support staff, academics, leaders and managers.


Each year we welcome a diverse range of members including universities and tech ed businesses into membership, and membership runs from 1 August to 31 July.  There are four levels of membership in 2024/25:


To find out more about becoming a UVAC member for the first time click HERE




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