Apprenticeship Workforce Development Programme

Apprenticeship Workforce Development Programme

The Apprenticeship Workforce Development (AWD) programme, funded by the Department for Education (DfE), initially launched in January 2021 to support staff at all levels and roles supporting or delivering apprenticeships.

Now in its second phase, AWD is being delivered by the ETF in partnership with the Association of Colleges (AoC), Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP), Strategic Development Network (SDN) and University Vocational Awards Council (UVAC). This phase of the programme extends support to employers involved in apprenticeship delivery.

The AWD programme is currently offering a range of FREE courses on many aspects of apprenticeship delivery and is relevant to all provider types and sizes. There are four strands split into two courses each.

The eight AWD courses are delivered as self-directed learning, live online, face-to-face and in-house bespoke activity. The cost is fully funded by the DfE. The offer comprises activity on:

Strand 1: Assessor to Teacher

Understanding How we Learn

Developing How to Teach

Strand 2: Effective Technical Teaching

Enhancing Pedagogy and Professional Practice

Preparing for End Point Assessment Success

Strand 3: Technical Curriculum Design

Effective Curriculum Design in Practice

Principles and Models of Curriculum Design

Strand 4: Apprenticeship Leadership

Developing Your Team

Effective Use of Resources


There is also a downloadable guide on Working Effectively with Employers which includes checklists, self-assessments and action plans for organisational use.

To find out more about the AWD programme and register for training and resources please go to the ETF booking site

Further CPD training and resources, shaped by a detailed training needs analysis conducted across the skills (including universities and higher education institutions) sector will be available from autumn 2023 and further bespoked specifically for HE providers. 

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    The AWD programme’s offer comprises activity on:
    - Assessor to Teacher
    - Effective Technical Teaching
    - Technical Curriculum Design
    - Apprenticeship Leadership
    There is also a downloadable guide on Working Effectively with Employers -
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