Centre for Degree Apprenticeships

Centre for Degree Apprenticeships

Center for degree apprenticeships

The Centre for Degree Apprenticeships (CDA) is a network designed to help higher education providers, leaders and practitioners develop and deliver high quality degree apprenticeships that enhance productivity and social mobility.

We do this by providing and promoting events and networking opportunities to facilitate the sharing of best practice and new developments. We publish resources and research for the benefit of UVAC member organisations via their membership.

Middlesex University
Sheffield Hallam University
Staffordshire University
The Edge Foundation

Membership and use of CDA gives you access to our resources and forums
and benefits both you and your institution by:

Keeping you up to date with the latest policy and practice developments in
degree apprenticeships.

Facilitating and investigating practices and structures to enable the provision of
degree apprenticeships to be sustainable and successful.

Building the dialogue, trust and behaviours needed for sustainability to respond
to the challenges of operating in new and contested territory.

Advocating a whole institutional approach to degree apprenticeship curriculum,
pedagogy and structures.

Giving you a platform to contribute to new thinking about degree
apprenticeships development and delivery.

Providing an opportunity for sustainable collaboration.

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    • The first of a series of concept and discussion papers to celebrate in 2024 our 25 year anniversary can be downloaded HERE
    • New case studies sought
    • Professor Darryll Bravenboer, Director of Apprenticeships and Skills at Middlesex University, describes critics of degree apprenticeships as ill-founded, unhelpful and incoherent
    • Adrian Anderson, CEX, UVAC sets out The Purpose of Apprenticeships, the Rationale for the Apprenticeship Levy and the Role of Universities in Skills Provision
    • Degree Apprenticeship Knowledge Networks launch with a first event on the Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship looking at approaches to RPEL, the relationship with the College of Policing, and operational assessment
    • UVAC’s Chair Professor Jane Longmore, VC at the University of Chichester, has outlined in an article in the Times Higher Education why the Apprenticeship reforms are a success and details the benefits of Higher and Degree Apprenticeships
    • UVAC’s Director of Policy and Operations, Mandy Crawford-Lee, has outlined the arguments and evidence in defence of the degree in leadership and management apprenticeships in a literature review and contextualises the need for, growth and success of apprenticeships in management and senior leadership roles in England