Access For UVAC Members Only

Access For UVAC Members Only

Welcome to the area designed exclusively for access by those who work at, or are connected to, our member organisations. Here you will find tools and resources created by us to support your engagement in the apprenticeship and technical education system including materials from our extensive webinar programme, briefings, networking events and template documents. You will also benefit from direct access to our expert advice on higher education, skills and work-based learning, in the development of higher education institutions apprenticeship and technical education strategies and the impact on higher education admissions and implications for social mobility.

Our ambition, as one of the most authoritative voices in the sector on education and training in HE and a leading expert on all aspects of the policy and operational requirements of higher and degree apprenticeships, is to ensure that we develop national understanding of the higher education sector’s contribution to the skills agenda. We value the contribution you make to this important UK-wide debate.

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    The AWD programme’s offer comprises activity on:
    - Assessor to Teacher
    - Effective Technical Teaching
    - Technical Curriculum Design
    - Apprenticeship Leadership
    There is also a downloadable guide on Working Effectively with Employers -
    UVAC’s agenda, once marginal, is now getting the recognition it deserves.

    An article written by @UVAC1CEX, Dr Mandy Crawford-Lee on The UVAC Agenda – Degree Apprenticeships, Higher Technical Qualifications and the Lifelong Loan Entitlement.

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