UVAC’s Autumn webinar support programme  from September to December 2017 has now been published with live links to register and book. Click HERE to download.

The event planner lists webinars by topic and date and also offers both short update sessions for experienced HEIs, alongside longer, more in depth sessions for anyone either new to apprenticeships or new this aspect of apprenticeship delivery.

Many of the webinars are on new topic areas including :

  • Preparation for Performance Management Point 1 – for those expecting to submit a business case for growth
  • The evidence pack and audit  – for those wanting to develop processes to carry out internal checks and be prepared for external checks
  • The results of the ESFA mystery shopper – and recommendations for action
  • The new EPA subcontractor contract template  – to be launched shortly
  • The updated commitment statement template now fully populated with suggested text content – also to be launched shortly.

Also included in the Event Calendar is a section on future events – those expected but currently with out dates. This includes the latest Apprenticeship Funding and Performance Management Rules and the next opening of the RoATP.

If you have any queries, or suggestions for other topics that you would like run now or in the Spring Calendar please email Rebecca on r.rhodes@bolton.ac.uk

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