The updated and revised Commitment Statement Template is now available.

The new template has been developed over the last few months based on good practice documents and it also reflects some of the emerging views from employers about what this document represents to them.  The template now contains suggested text for the roles and responsibilities section plus suggested additional summary tables to support wider apprenticeship requirements.

You can download two documents:


  • The template is a take away tool for you to customise to suit, but if you’d like to hear more about the template you can join our webinar on Commitment Statements on 3rd October at 3pm-4pm. Click HERE to register.The webinar will cover common issues and pitfalls in developing a commitment statement, some of the challenges presented by employers and a section by section walk through of the template itself and the funding rules that govern its content and use.In the meantime:
  • You can find all of the UVAC Autumn Webinar programmes running between September and December. Click HERE to view the programme and book a place. 
  • Let us know how you use the template and which sections you find useful, and send us your own versions.
  • Email any queries to
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