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Minimum Standards & ESFA visits

Minimum Standards & ESFA visits

Just to remind everybody that the ESFA have released your R12 in-year QAR data for 2018 to 2019 on both the Hub and dashboard via the View Your Education Data portal. If you’ve recently been invited to arrange a meeting with the ESFA, it is most likely that they have some queries about your data or success rates.

The in-year QAR guidance and QAR webpage provide details about this data release and accessing the dashboard.

You need to immediately :

  • check that you, or whomever leads, can access the data – amend or create the IDAMS user access as needed.
  • review your R12 data/review your in-year QAR data to check that your data is accurate
  • make any corrections to the ILR as quickly as possible (the deadline for changes to the 2018/2019 data is R14- the R14 data return period closes on Thursday 17 October 2019.
  • Understand the factors affecting your success rates and what action you need to take to address any issue you may have experienced during the year

Our first webinar for the Autumn Season this year will take place on 1st October to support this process and will cover ILR data quality, Minimum Standards and the Funding Reports.  You can book HERE 

There will be more information on the changes to Minimum Standards later this year and we will cover these in a future webinar.

If you have any queries in the mean time contact rebecca at [email protected]

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