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International Trailblazers: Thematic Report

International Trailblazers: Thematic Report

UVAC and a number of its members have contributed to the following report International Trailblazers: Work-Based Higher Education in Selected Higher Education Institutions in the US, England and Denmark. Results of an International Case Study Research Project.

The Thematic Report presents the findings of an international case study research project on avant-garde higher educational programmes designed better to prepare learners for the workforce by effectively integrating academic theory and classroom-based learning with professional practice and experiential learning in the workplace. The Report maps five trailblazers’ diverse approaches to work-based learning in higher education across the US, England and Denmark using a case study approach and deploying data triangulation from national and institutional perspectives.

You can read the report below. It features case studies from Middlesex University with Consalia Ltd and the University of Birmingham.

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