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IfATE Review: of Degree Apprenticeships ..?Integrated Degree Apprenticeships..? Degrees in Apprenticeships ..? or maybe all 3…

IfATE Review: of Degree Apprenticeships ..?Integrated Degree Apprenticeships..? Degrees in Apprenticeships ..? or maybe all 3…

Our weekly Covid-19 Forum on 26 June took place just after the FE press indicated that the IfATE is about to commence a review of degree apprenticeships.

There seem to be several conflated points:

The IfATE, in their letter to the Digital Technology Solutions Trailblazer chair, have confirmed that the current DTS funding band and mandated degree arrangements will continue until at least ‘first quarter 2021’ because :

‘we have decided to postpone the decision on the mandation of the degree in this apprenticeship standard until we have had an opportunity to review the broader policy governing the mandation of degrees in apprenticeship standards. We think this will cover how we can best capitalise on the benefits for employers and apprentices arising from the unique nature of degree apprenticeships, what that means for future policy, and how we might do more to gain the benefits from full integration of degrees in apprenticeship standards and EPAs’

In response to question about the review and decision, A spokesperson for the Institute said:

“We are listening to employers and taking time to review plans for an updated digital and technology solutions professional (DTSP) apprenticeship.

We will conduct a broader review of policy on degree apprenticeships and take a look again at the DTSP standard in light of the review”. 

“Students can continue to start on the existing DTSP apprenticeship and degree apprenticeships at level 6 will continue to play an important role in the overall programme.” 

“We would like to thank everyone who has contributed a huge amount of time, effort and expertise to the DTSP review process so far. We support them in their efforts to further improve and boost engagement with degree apprenticeships for the vital digital sector.”

The statement from the IfATE also explained that :

The review will cover wider application of our mandated qualifications policy for level six apprenticeships.

Degree apprenticeships are an important part of the apprenticeship reform programme.

The fact we’ve been able to support so many degree apprentices over recent years has been hugely positive.

We see this as a positive step and remain pro-degree apprenticeships.

‘We do not have any further details at this stage, these will be released shortly’.

UVAC continues to work closely with the IfATE to support the evidence base for their reviews and in discussions on the value that Degree Apprenticeships contribute to individuals and employers.

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