Covid-19 Webforum: June 12

Covid-19 Webforum: June 12

As part of our Covid-19 Forum on June 12 we highlighted the launch our Social Worker Degree Apprenticeship Network Event on July 13th 10.00 am to 12.30

You can REGISTER to attend the Social Worker Network, propose topics, raise questions and offer to run a good practice session as part of the content development HERE

We also highlighted the launch of the Centre for Degree Apprenticeships Report on Sustainable Degree Apprenticeships, focusing on the critical factors needed to maintain the quality and viability of Degree Apprenticeships.

You can listen to the 12 June WEBCAST HERE, and view the SLIDE PACK from the link below:

You can still register for our TRANSITION GUIDE WEBINAR on June 18thHERE

Our next Covid-19 session on Friday 19 June at noon will include a roundup of the latest on policy and an updated version of the Coronavirus FAQ, following the queries raised at Fridays’ forum: REGISTER TO JOIN US HERE

For any queries about the forum or any of our planned support: email [email protected]