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COVID-19 Web Forum: Furlough Template Available

COVID-19 Web Forum: Furlough Template Available

Following our second Covid-19 web forum on 9 April and with thanks to Jo Phillips at Staffordshire we have produced a FURLOUGH DECLARATION TEMPLATE for use with employers and apprentices to confirm details for furlough, collect up to date contact information and explain some of the principles of Furlough to employers and their apprentices. You can download the template HERE. Comments, suggestions and questions all very welcome to [email protected]

4. You can also download the SLIDES and the FAQ NOTES from the web forum. Both contain the link to the 09 April Forum recording.

The 09 April FORUM FAQ NOTES contain links to all of the documents covered in Thursday’s session, including the Updated EPA advice from the IfATE on Nursing and from OfQUAL on English & Maths.

FRIDAY 17 April at 12.00

We are anticipating further guidance this week so if you’d like to hear the latest guidance, views and news, join us on Friday 17th April at 12 noon – 1pm: REGISTER HERE

To help manage the volume of queries and shape the topics for the forum, let us know about your latest issues, queries or your advice to pass on (particularly when this has come from an official source) before the forum .

Also use the forum to ask for advice from others facing exactly the same issues.

Either :
Send your questions in advance to [email protected] or
Raise your question in advance through the COVID-19 Impact Discussion using the button on the front page of the CDA Home Page

On Friday we’ll also start to think about key topics for recovery in future, so that we can raise our suggestions for how we can rebuild our higher and degree programmes as early as possible. We’ll also have more from Adrian Anderson on policy and consultation and as ever, time for you to tell us what you know….

[email protected]

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