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Turbocharge Technical Education says MillionPlus

Turbocharge Technical Education says MillionPlus

Great to see our colleagues and friends at MillionPlus, the Association for Modern Universities, publish a report on the 2nd March calling on the government to turbocharge technical education.

Levelling up: investing in higher technical education at universities in England explores the depth of provision of level 4 and 5 higher technical education, that equips people all over the country with skills keenly sought by employers.

The report includes a number of recommendations that would help boost the number of students and the esteem in which higher technical qualifications are held, including: introducing maintenance grants for all learners undertaking level 4 and 5 qualifications; encouraging all providers of level 4 and 5 education to register with the Office for Students to enable better loan access; and support for collaboration between universities and further education colleges delivering higher technical education.

The report recommends that the UK government in England should:

  • Introduce full maintenance grant support for all learners (including part-time and mature students) undertaking level 4 and 5 qualifications at registered providers to increase the take up of work-focused higher education.
  • Encourage all providers of level 4 and 5 education to be registered with the Office for Students to guarantee that students receive a high-quality education experience and financial support during their studies.
  • Recognise that colleges and universities are both key players in the provision of higher technical education and support collaboration between them to promote skills and qualifications.
  • Improve and increase the data available on level 4 and 5 qualifications to enable a better understanding of the nature and scope of technical education at both colleges and universities.
  • Ensure that all level 3 qualifications are designed to enable progression to further education opportunities, whether immediately or at a later point in a learner’s life.
  • Provide adequate financial support to students undertaking qualifications at level 3 to remove barriers to study.

The report is a really important and valuable contribution to the debate.  We hope it will be welcomed by Government.

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