HESWBL – Climbs the Ranks of Peer-Reviewed Literature

HESWBL – Climbs the Ranks of Peer-Reviewed Literature

We are delighted to share that we’ve had confirmation about our journal’s 2017 CiteScore and it’s really good news. CiteScore is a metric that helps us track our journal’s performance and provides a good indication of its impact. CiteScore is calculated on an annual basis, showing the average citations for a full calendar year.

The 2016 CiteScore was 0.29 (so assessing the number of citations in 2016, divided by the number of documents published between 2013-2015). This ranked the journal 695 out of 934 in the Social Sciences: Education category.

The CiteScore for 2017 has been confirmed as 1.01, which is a huge increase, and moves the journal to 339 out of 979 in the Education category (putting the journal in Quartile 2), and also ranks the journal as 23 out of 46 in the new Scopus category of Life-span and Life-course Studies.

UVAC would like to praise its editorial team and Board, manuscript writers and reviewers for the brilliant contributions made in developing the journal over the last few years – it is now paying off. Last year the journal had 19,000 downloads; an increase of 38.5% on the previous year.


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