Workshop: Understanding ESFA compliance and its audit process as an HEI

Workshop: Understanding ESFA compliance and its audit process as an HEI

Delivered by the Strategic Development Network (SDN) who were a strategic delivery partner of the DfE funded Future Apprenticeships Programme, the following workshop is being offered on Tuesday 5 March 10h00-16h00 in London.


For many HEIs delivering apprenticeships, ESFA compliance and auditing will be new. To deliver apprenticeships successfully and avoid minimising any clawback of funds, HEIs will need to have a clear understanding of ESFA evidence and financial assurance requirements.

This one-day workshop for HEIs will give you a clear overview of the ESFA’s auditing processes, the broader financial assurance system for apprenticeships, and how you, as an HEI, can self-assess your compliance ahead of any ESFA monitoring.

  • An overview of ESFA compliance and audit processes
  • What evidence ESFA auditors will want to see
  • Establishing an evidence collection system as an HEI – blending quality with compliance
  • How to sample the quality of your data and reduce errors
  • Examples of effective practice and actions you can take with your staff

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