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Webinar series – overseeing compliance in your organisation

Webinar series – overseeing compliance in your organisation

Funding and compliance impacts apprenticeship staff across your organisation.

As a leader involved in apprenticeships, you’ll need to set the right compliance culture, processes and mitigate risks.

That’s why our partners at SDN are hosting an in-depth webinar series with David Lockhart-Hawkins to help you lead and implement compliance in your organisation.


If you have several staff who would benefit, you can book as a group to save over 60%.


The series will take you through:

  • Key compliance principles – how it all should work.
  • Risk in areas of operation.
  • Managing the risk of rogue elements within your organisation.
  • Safeguarding funding through the apprentice journey – the data needed.
  • The three R’s – Right programme, Right learner, and Right employer.
  • Compliance strategies.
  • Common strategic errors and how to avoid them.


At the end of the series, you will:

·        Be able to critically evaluate compliance in your area of operation.

·        Have developed your understanding of best practice for reducing risk.

·        Increased your knowledge of common errors and how to avoid them.


Follow the link for full event details and to book your place:





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