UVAC – Update 23 March 2020

UVAC – Update 23 March 2020

During this difficult time UVAC remains open for business as UVAC colleagues work from home. We, like others, are urging Government to pause on key consultation e.g. the Institute for Apprenticeship and Technical Education consultation on Changes to the Funding Band Recommendation Process and the proposed Review of the Senior Leader Degree Apprenticeship.

We do, however, intend to use our time productively. We will:

• Seek guidance from DfE, IfATE and ESFA on issues concerning delivery of Higher and Degree Apprenticeships during the current period. If you have any issues you would like to raise please contact [email protected] Where appropriate we will run webinars on key topics, provide briefings etc.

• Undertake research on and develop proposals re the development of a sustainable Apprenticeship funding system, incorporating support for Apprenticeships at all levels for individuals of all ages. This will inform the future review of the Apprenticeship levy. As ever analysis, case studies and examples of the benefits of Higher and Degree Apprenticeship will be invaluable. Please contact [email protected] and see https://cda.uvac.ac.uk

• We will be conducting specific research into the benefits and value of the Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship and the Senior Leader Degree Apprenticeship. The latter in the light of the review the Secretary of State has asked the IfATE to undertake. Please contact [email protected]

• We will also be producing updates on the planned development of T levels and what they will mean for those in Higher Education.

We would encourage colleagues to share information and ideas for the future development of Higher and Degree Apprenticeship through UVAC’s Centre for Degree Apprenticeship https://cda.uvac.ac.uk

Finally, we are aware that currently some UVAC emails (University of Bolton addresses @bolton.ac.uk) are going into colleagues’ spam/junk boxes. Could we ask colleagues to check their spam boxes? Thank you. As ever, your health and wellbeing remains important to us.