UVAC Latest Research Report

UVAC Latest Research Report

UVAC is delighted to launch to members our latest research report:

Realising the Potential of Higher and Degree Apprenticeship in Supporting Social Mobility and the Levelling Up Agenda

The report calls on Government to be ambitious.  Too often approaches to social mobility and Apprenticeship are well meaning, but flawed and overly focus on supporting individuals into low-level job roles.  

UVAC calls for and outlines a plan to use Apprenticeship as a new route way to open accesses to the higher technical and professional level occupations the country and localities need for new cohorts of learners.  The report also outlines how Degree Apprenticeship can be used to support the levelling-up agenda by training and retaining individuals for high productivity jobs and key public sector occupations in left behind regions and localities.

We argue that approaches to Social Mobility and Levelling Up must be developed in the context of Apprenticeship as a productivity programme tackling skills gaps and shortages, training the nurses and police constables our public sector services need and widening workforce diversity. 


This paper is a sister report to our discussion paper Skills: A Post Covid-19 System .