UVAC Journal: Ruth Helyer Awards

UVAC Journal: Ruth Helyer Awards

Emerald Publishing, the publisher of our peer reviewed journal, Higher Education Skills and Work-based Learning, are pleased to announce its 2020 Literati Award winners, in the journal’s 10th year of publication.

Now known as the Ruth Helyer Awards in remembrance of our former Board member and editor-in-chief, Professor Ruth Helyer.

Outstanding Paper
Educational advantage and employability of UK university graduates
Louise Pigden, Andrew Garford Moore

Highly Commended Papers
Student and teacher perspectives on a multi-disciplinary collaborative pedagogy in architecture and construction
Thomas Leathem, Christina Hillesheim, Aressa Coley, Shane McGregor

Driving social mobility? Competitive collaboration in degree apprenticeship development
Dr Jessica Bradley, Claire Newhouse, Dr Nadira Mirza of Leeds Trinity University

The effect of different types of education on the likelihood of employment in 29 post-communist countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union
Nazim Habibov, Alena Auchynnikova, Rong Luo

Outstanding Reviewers:
Dr Lisa Rowe at University of Chester
Mandy Crawford-Lee at UVAC, University of Bolton
Dr Ruth Brooks at University of Huddersfield
Dr Helen Corkill formerly University of Bedfordshire, now Consultant at HCH Consulting