Review of Apprenticeship Funding Bands

Review of Apprenticeship Funding Bands

In December 2018 the IfA announced a further 30 funding bands would be reviewed at the request of the Minister for Apprenticeships and Skills.  None of these Apprenticeships are at level 6 and 7.  The following Apprenticeships at level 4 and 5 will, however, be subject to funding band review:

  • Aviation Operations Manager (level 4) currently £5,000
  • Retail Manager (level 4) currently £6,000
  • HR Consultant/Partner (level 5) currently £9,000
  • Associate Ambulance Practitioner (level 4) currently £15,000

IfA have invited UVAC to nominate HEIs who would be interested in contributing to an advisory provider panel.

HEIs interested should contact Adrian Anderson ASAP on (t) 07542 638748 or [email protected]

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