Could we please remind any HEI interested in raising issues with the recent ESFA Procurement for Apprenticeship Provision for Non-Levy Paying Employers to respond to UVAC ASAP.


UVAC has met with DfE officials regarding the outcome of the procurement for Apprenticeship provision for non-levy paying employers. UVAC has agreed to:


Collect and collate evidence from HEIs of Degree Apprenticeship ‘cold spots’. We are specifically looking for evidence that demonstrates that employers do not have access to specific Degree Apprenticeships in a locality and why no provider is available.  Evidence concerning the number of employers affected, the standards affected and number of starts that will not be realised is particularly important, but evidence as to the impact on LEP plans, local economies, social mobility and progression for Apprentices etc. would also be of value.


Once we have collected and collated evidence we will be able to discuss the situation further with the DfE. HEIs who wish to provide evidence are requested to send this to Adrian Anderson


UVAC has also agreed to outline how sub-contracting models and the 10% Transfer Allowance (from levy payers to other employers) may, in line with the funding rules, enable HEIs without funding to deliver Higher and Degree Apprenticeship provision for non-levy paying employers.  We are currently planning a webinar on this subject and will provide further support as and where needed.

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