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Ofsted Inspection of Degree Apprenticeships

Ofsted Inspection of Degree Apprenticeships

Colleagues will have noted in press reports that Ofsted will in future inspect Degree Apprenticeship.

UVAC works closely with other HE representative bodies and has been and is continuing to raise key issues with the DfE/ESFA, OfS, IfATE etc. We will provide clarification and support as soon as we are able to do so.

In correspondence we have made it very clear that higher education is committed to delivering quality programmes. We have, however, raised the following issues:

Expertise – Augar recommended one organisation should develop as the centre of expertise re the quality assurance of Apprenticeship. If Ofsted were to inspect all Apprenticeships they would need to outline how they intend to develop the expertise needed for the quality assurance of Degree Apprenticeship. We have requested details of how they plan to revise the inspection process, recruit new managers and new inspectors to reflect the higher level skills agenda and HE delivery.

Ethos – Ofsted needs to confirm that they fully accept and fully support Ministers’ (and employers’) desire to expand Degree Apprenticeship for individuals of all ages.

Need – Given current proven OfS/QAA quality assurance arrangements we continue to ask why there is a need for Ofsted inspection. Will not existing OfS/QAA arrangements ensure, for example, Degree Apprenticeships are used to deliver the police constables or registered nurses our public sector needs?

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