New Education and Training Standards – Consultation Monday 8th December 14 – Sunday 4th January 15

Please note this is not a UVAC consultation.

In 2013 the Government announced big reforms to the way apprenticeships are to be designed and implemented in England. New standard-based apprenticeships will replace current frameworks in 2015 as part of the Government’s employer driven Trailblazer Strategy.

A group of Education and Training employers working on behalf of the sector have been leading this redesign. In this once in a generation opportunity we are calling for the Education and Training sector and key stakeholders to get involved and to have their say on the essential knowledge, skills and behaviours that teachers should display on completion of their Education and Training Apprenticeship.

The Education and Training employer group urges you to view the three Education and Training Standard documents below and carefully consider what you as an Education and Training employer or as a teacher would expect to see from your apprentices.

You are invited to examine and reflect on the Education and Training Apprenticeships Standard documents which outline the occupation profiles required by a person in a teaching role at three Levels and complete the questionnaire below to express your thoughts on what the standards include.

To complete the surveys please follow the links below:

Your input would be very much appreciated and will without doubt help shape the next generation of teachers.

Please direct any enquiries regarding this to Jo North, Chair of the Education and Training Trailblazer Leadership Group.