Message from the Publisher of UVAC’s official journal – Higher Education Skills and Work-based Learning

Message from the Publisher of UVAC’s official journal – Higher Education Skills and Work-based Learning

A very Happy New Year from the Higher Education, Skills and Work-based Learning team.

I’m very pleased to welcome Mandy Crawford-Lee (Director of Policy and Operations at UVAC) to the Editorial team of UVAC’s official journal. Mandy joins the team as an Associate Editor, and as well as seeing papers through the review process will provide a closer link to UVAC and its aims.

I’d like to invite all UVAC members to have a closer look at the latest issue of HESWBL, a special issue focusing on ‘Enterprise and Entrepreneurship education in HE and work-based learning’. All UVAC members are able to access this special issue, and all other HESWBL issue as part of their membership.

Details can be found on the UVAC website –

The next special issue of 2018 is still accepting manuscripts. Examining Work Based & Vocational Education as Catalysts for Sustainable Development, the call for papers can be viewed in full on the journal homepage –

If you are a UVAC member then your institution is eligible for free access to the journal online, for up to five users.

With 4 issues published annually, you will have online access to content from 2010 (Volume 1). You will also receive a hard copy of each issue.

How to access your online subscription 

  • Select the above token URL and you will be directed to the Emerald website.
  • You will be asked to login to an existing individual Emerald profile or asked to register an individual Emerald profile.
  • Navigate to the HESWBL title using the Journals and Books tab.
  • Once logged in/registered you will be able to access your online subscription to HESWBL.

A number of help files can be found on the following web pages:

Access to HESWBL will expire in August 2018 at the end of the current membership year.

If you experience any issues with your access, please contact

Best wishes,

Louise Lister

Publisher | Emerald Publishing


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