INVITATION – Research Questionnaire – PLEASE RESPOND

INVITATION – Research Questionnaire – PLEASE RESPOND
The Business School at Manchester Metropolitan University is undertaking research into the challenges and opportunities that providers have experienced/are experiencing in developing apprenticeship programmes.
The survey should take around 15 minutes to complete, most of the questions are optional and you can remain anonymous.  The survey questions evaluate the internal and external influences on delivering degree/higher level apprenticeship programmes and provides an opportunity to build upon the existing studies and their relevance.

The questions are set into the following three sections

·        Internal Influences – People, Operational Financial

·        External Influencers – People, Operational, Political, Collaboration

·        Opportunities

If you are interested in finding out more about this work, Manchester Met will be running a poster session at UVAC’s national conference on 22 November where they will be presenting their research idea which is: “What are the internal and external factors that influence effective apprenticeship development and provides suggestions of how to cultivate effective collaborative curriculum with large organisations? Communication, collaboration and trust building have been recognised as key parts of the process by all partners in what was seen as an exciting and innovative step away from more traditional ways of working (Martin et al, 2016). Hardy et al (2003) emphasise the need for this approach in understanding alliances and partnerships.”

Should you have any queries, please contact Dr Jacqueline Carter, who is leading the survey distribution ([email protected]).

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