Institute for Apprenticeships – Consultation on Draft Occupational Maps

Institute for Apprenticeships – Consultation on Draft Occupational Maps
The Institute for Apprenticeships has now opened a consultation on its draft occupational maps, which will help shape the way that the new T level qualifications are governed. The Institute will, in 2018, begin to take on responsibilities from the Department for Education for technical education and administering the new T level qualifications. Part of this early work involves categorising occupations into groups which demand similar knowledge, skills and behaviours – the resulting ‘occupational maps’ are intended to provide a structure around which the T level curriculum will be built.
Ownership of the occupational maps has transferred to the Institute and they are now seeking views on how they might be improved. Input from employers, awarding bodies, teachers and further education specialists and all involved in technical education will help the Institute create a basis upon which T levels will operate.
The link to the consultation can be found here
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