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Breakout session 3 – Speakers and their topics

Breakout session 3 – Speakers and their topics

Delegates have the choice of five different workshops at each of our breakout sessions at our conference at the ICC, Birmingham on 30 November.
If you’ve not booked your tickets you can find the full programme over on Eventbrite but here’s an introduction to the topics and speakers for the third breakout session of the day
Degree Apprenticeships in England: motivations of degree apprentices and employers –

Dana Dabbous, PhD, Andrea Laczik, Josh PatelEdge Foundation

This workshop is based on research conducted by the Edge Foundation in collaboration with the Universities of Bath, Huddersfield and Oxford. We will focus on discussing the motivations and perceived benefits of both employers’ in hiring degree apprentices or placing existing employees on the DA programme and motivations degree apprentices themselves expressed for choosing to purse a degree apprenticeship.


Exploring the potential of work-based projects carried out as part of degree apprenticeships to contribute to workplace productivity –


Paula ReynierLeeds Trinity University

This session identifies and draws upon major themes emerging from recent research using a grounded theory approach to explore the experience of apprentices and their employers on a range of degree apprenticeship programmes offered by Leeds Trinity University.


Upskilling Graduates of Degree apprenticeships : finding workplace solutions in learning in and from practise –

Sue Elmer, Katie Simpson – Leeds Trinity University

This session captures key themes emerging from case study analyses of apprenticeship students who write case notes about their experiences of applying learning in the workplace.  Using a thematic analysis approach, the researchers critically reflect on ways in which apprentices themselves are motivated to apply their learning, to change the way they work with children and families and to introduce new ways of working that directly benefit employers.  


Widening Participation in Higher and Degree Apprenticeships Associate –

Prof. Rachael JohnstoneUniversity of Exeter

Karen Squire, CMgr FCMI, SFHEAUniversity of Exeter Business School

The University of Exeter’s access and participation plan has made higher and degree apprenticeships a priority, allowing a diverse group of learners to access the opportunities made possible through apprenticeships. This interactive workshop will explore levelling up recruitment challenges, and the benefits of developing inclusive and innovative approaches to recruitment and widening participation through apprenticeships. 


Revitalising Leadership: Exploring Higher Apprenticeships for mid-career growth and impact –

Professor Elaine LimondUniversity College Birmingham

Elaine, is an experienced coach in elite sports and education, a Business School Vice Dean and Professor in sports education. She’s passionate about bringing out the best in people, focusing on leadership and high-performance culture. 


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    Thank you to our amazing judging panel for the #EDIAwards 2023 from @E_T_Foundation, @SkillsEduGroup, @UVAC1, @airproducts, @ABPI_UK, @AoC_info & @MulticulturalAA, with thanks to @nwslc_official for hosting. We'll announce the winners at the #HousesOfParliament on 7 March! 🎉

    Thank you to our amazing judging panel for the #EDIAwards 2023 from @E_T_Foundation, @SkillsEduGroup, @UVAC1, @airproducts, @ABPI_UK, @AoC_info & @MulticulturalAA, with thanks to @nwslc_official for hosting. We'll announce the winners at the #HousesOfParliament on 7 March! 🎉