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Apprenticeships in Schools – Mapping HE Provision

Apprenticeships in Schools – Mapping HE Provision

UVAC has partnered with the Local Government Association to ask HE Apprenticeship Providers to tell us what is on offer specifically for schools and to map the apprenticeship programme that schools are already using successfully to support their staff.

Through a short DATA COLLECTION SURVEY, we are keen to collect three things :

  1. a list of any school specific, or school/education contexted apprenticeships, for example Senior Leader for Head Teachers
  2. a list of any apprenticeships that are being used by schools now and
  3. a short example of the benefits and impact that your apprenticeships are providing with one of your schools – we would very much welcome testimony, case studies or similar from you and the schools that you are working with, where this is available
  4. Even if you don’t work with schools currently we really want to hear from you.

This survey is part of the support for apprenticeships in schools offered by the Local Government Association for Local Authorities The aim is to help increase the volume of apprenticeships amongst school staff and make engaging with apprenticeships as simple as possible. Take up of apprenticeship in schools is excellent in many areas, but there are still schools that are missing out.

The survey information that you provide will be used to create a map of the available provision offered by higher education. This will be shared with Local Authority apprenticeship leads for schools and with schools staff as part of the LGA Apprenticeship Support Programme.

The intention is to use this map of apprenticeships and the range of positive stories that you share with us as part of a webinar later in the spring/summer, and to make the map available as part of the schools resources pack launched earlier in the year. The last LGA webinar attracted over 100 LGA staff and we would welcome contribution from HEIs completing this survey with good practice to share.

You can access the data survey HERE and a paper list of the questions to help you prepare is downloadable HERE. The survey will only take about 10 minutes to complete.

If you have any questions or queries about the survey, please contact Rebecca on [email protected]

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