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Apprenticeship Workplace Development Programme Survey


Apprenticeship Workplace Development Programme Survey

We’d like to encourage you to take part in this sector-wide survey to have your say in the design and delivery of the DfE-funded Apprenticeship Workforce Development (AWD) programme offer, ongoing. To complete the survey please click HERE.

This is a vital opportunity for you to help determine what training resources and support will be provided to apprenticeship providers, employers, and their workforces over the coming years.

Your valued insights will help ensure the sector’s training needs are met, so that we can deliver the highest-quality teaching and training for all apprentices. Thank you!

For more information about the survey and this phase of AWD, visit the ETF website.

Keep an eye out for further updates on the AWD programme as its training resources continue to be developed in partnership with the sector!

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    Just a week ago we welcomed over 340 to our conference and what an event it was!

    Here is @UVAC1CEX, Dr Mandy Crawford-Lee talking on the day about the theme and main topics of the day.


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    The UVAC team is incredibly grateful for everyone that attended #UVAC2023. We’re thankful for all of the insightful talks both from exhibitors & speakers as there were some really interesting topics and insights. Let’s carry the momentum forward to shape the future of education.