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A huge choice of Breakout Workshop Sessions 

A huge choice of Breakout Workshop Sessions 

With a choice of 15 breakout workshop sessions  the UVAC conference, on 30 November 2023, offers you an opportunity to access a comprehensive update on policy and insights to practice in the delivery of higher technical education and skills training including higher and degree apprenticeships. 

On the day you’ll be able to choose three workshops, either in person or online all with exploring the theme of this year’s conference Going for Growth: Productivity, Policy and Performance in Higher and Degree Apprenticeship

However, all the content will be available post-event, meaning that you will be able to access all the workshops as well as being able to revisit the keynote speakers and explore exhibitor online Expo area, once you are back at your desk. 


Take a look the selection of early afternoon workshop sessions:

– Recognition of Prior Learning and accelerated degree apprenticeships

Presenter: Dr Helen Pokorny, Academic Lead and Learning and Teaching Specialist, University of Hertfordshire


This workshop will look at the potential of RPL to promote the retention and attainment of part-time, mature learners on degree apprenticeships. An integrated model of RPL will be considered along with the opportunities and challenges for curriculum design. Participants will have the opportunity to share different approaches to translating and transferring prior learning from work contexts into credit for mandated qualifications, reducing the length of the apprenticeship.


– Managing the compliance risk during growth – scaling provision and avoiding the common pitfalls

Presenters: David Lockhart-Hawkins, Strategic Associate at The Strategic Development Network (SDN), Managing Director Lockhart Hawkins


As institutions grow their apprenticeship provision it is vital to understand the compliance foundations necessary to ensure they safeguard their revenues. This will not be simply in the format of the templates or software used to manage provision, but in the structures, human resources and control methods in place to assure that the funding claim is accurate and being monitored effectively because as volume grows, so does risk.  

Using our significant experience of compliance and quality development in apprenticeships, this session will look at the structural foundations for effective apprenticeship compliance, the roles and duties necessary to build a strong foundation and the data analysis and reporting that will be vital for sustainable compliant growth.


– Surfacing The Practices of Apprenticeship Tripartite Reviewer/Coaches In Business Schools 

Presenter: Dr Helen Charlton and  Dr Phil Power-Mason


Since the 2017 launch of the apprenticeship levy, UK Higher Education providers have navigated complex tripartite relationships among providers, employers, and apprentices. This session, based on data from the #CUBApprenticeships2023 conference, examines the diverse roles emerging to meet these demands, shedding light on role scope, practices, and challenges. Attendees will gain insights into the evolving apprenticeship reviewer/coach roles impact on providers and learners, fostering discussion and reflection.


– Degree Apprenticeships in England: motivations of degree apprentices and employers 

Presenters: Dana Dabbous, Andrea Laczik, and Josh Patel 


This workshop is based on research conducted by the Edge Foundation in collaboration with the Universities of Bath, Huddersfield and Oxford. It will focus on discussing the motivations and perceived benefits of both employers’ in hiring degree apprentices or placing existing employees on the DA programme and motivations degree apprentices themselves expressed for choosing to pursue a degree apprenticeship. 


Don’t forget that ALL content is available to ALL delegates post conference, meaning that you have every opportunity to access the huge choice of informative and engaging talks, presentations, and workshops on offer. 

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