The Forging Futures report – UKCES and UUK

The UK Commission for Employment and Skills and Universities UK have together produces new research into collaborative activity between universities and employers, who together are forging alternative pathways to develop highly skilled and talented individuals.

The report:

  • Outlines the reasons why universities and employers collaborate to develop alternative pathways to help people develop higher level skills
  • Practically considers how successful examples of collaboration can be set up, delivered and sustained
  • Promotes the need for increased collaboration of this kind, as a way of developing a broader range of pathways to employment and higher level skills
  • Showcases 12 case studies which explore the benefits of collaboration for employers and universities in six industrial sectors (Advanced Manufacturing, Construction, Creative and Digital, Energy, IT and Life Sciences)

To read the report and find out more click here.

UKCES/UUK are also running a communications campaign from today to promote the great collaborative work between employers and universities, and to encourage more of it. If you’d like to be involved,  their comms toolkit here will tell you how.