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Free events: Development and delivery of Higher Apprenticeships – Levels 6 and 7


Free events: Development and delivery of Higher Apprenticeships – Levels 6 and 7

Led jointly by LSIS and UVAC, these events are open to Higher Apprenticeship Fund development organisations, awarding bodies, professional bodies, colleges and training providers, universities and employers to look at the practical developments needed to take forward and deliver Level 6 and 7 programmes in line with the revised Specification of Apprenticeship Standards for England (SASE) requirements.

In particular the workshops will review revisions to SASE with a focus on:

  • Job role and size of Higher Apprenticeship frameworks, and the content and qualifications that make up the framework
  • Approaches to using different qualifications (standalone/knowledge and competence combined)
  • Use of QCF, HE and professional qualifications
  • Professional recognition and registration

The workshops have been designed to enable organisations to share their experiences, ideas, issues and ways forward to aid their own individual organisational planning for the development and delivery of Level 6/7 provision.

The workshops will take the opportunity to look at the Guidance for Framework Developers (April 2013) documentation.  They will also look at practical examples of existing Level 6/7 developments.

The feedback from the two workshops will be summarised as an output to support other organisations in their development of new Level 6 and 7 frameworks.

Date/time of meetings (sandwich lunch provided)


14th  May – 10.30 – 2 pm


12th June – 10.30 – 2 pm



For further information and to book a place, please contact:

Karen Ling [email protected], Tel: 01622 804820

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    Just a week ago we welcomed over 340 to our conference and what an event it was!

    Here is @UVAC1CEX, Dr Mandy Crawford-Lee talking on the day about the theme and main topics of the day.


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    The UVAC team is incredibly grateful for everyone that attended #UVAC2023. We’re thankful for all of the insightful talks both from exhibitors & speakers as there were some really interesting topics and insights. Let’s carry the momentum forward to shape the future of education.