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CBI report ‘Tomorrow’s Growth’ published


CBI report ‘Tomorrow’s Growth’ published

CBI report Tomorrow’s Growth published today raises some key issues for meeting future skills needs.

Quotes from the report follow, taken from the CBI website

‘Argues that relying alone on traditional university courses will not meet the growing demand for degree-level, technical skills in key sectors like manufacturing, construction, IT and engineering. It says that government needs to remove a series of barriers to better co-operation between higher education and industry. And it urges ministers to address the 40% drop in part-time undergraduate applicants since 2010-11’.

‘The CBI warns businesses need to tackle the perception that A-levels followed by a three-year residential course is the only route to a good career, with higher tuition fees meaning young people are getting more astute in deciding what to study from 18’.

 ‘The UK’s biggest business group says there are not enough courses with business links; patchy understanding of student finance; and poor careers advice on options open to young people – arguing a new vocational UCAS-style system could bridge the gap’.

 ‘It says universities need to boost the number of employer-backed “sandwich” courses and compressed or part-time degrees, which give students practical work experience or allow them to support their studies’.

 ‘And it says businesses need to expand their commitment to high-quality training schemes – such as higher & advanced apprenticeships; work-based training; and fast-track schemes aimed at school leavers – alongside traditional degrees’.

The report also notes that ‘UK will fall behind unless high skills provision is transformed’ and that ‘Traditional three-year degrees will not meet UK demand for degree level technical skills – so HE has to design more business based courses and employers need to expand non-degree options.’

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