Work-Integrated Learning Unconference: INVITATION

Work-Integrated Learning Unconference: INVITATION

UVAC is excited to support the International Work Integrated Learning Unconference, a year-long programme starting on Friday 1st July 2022, continuing until Saturday 31st July 2023, with a one-day conference scheduled on Wednesday 27th July 2022.

The unconference theme will be ‘New Problems, New Solutions’ within the field of work integrated learning (WIL).

UVAC is happy to announce that its official journal Higher Education, Skills and Work-based Learning has just launched a call for papers for a first-of-a-kind special issue driven by practitioner, researcher, and learner dialogue across the globe, emerging from this first global, year-long WIL Unconference 2022-2023.

The topics will emerge from the dialogue at the event, but is likely to include the link between WIL and grand challenges such as:

● WIL and future of work
● WIL and sustainability
● WIL and inclusion
● WIL and change/transitions
● WIL and peace

The SI aims to include global voices and partnerships in identifying WIL emerging challenges and addressing these from a global perspective. Global collaborative and networking spaces will be created to allow these critical conversations and debates to take place. Furthermore, it aims to support the development of inclusive partnerships to address these challenges through practical and research projects. As such the special issue aims to include one of the most diverse contributions within this field to date and support the writing and research endeavors of all contributors.

We are seeking original contributions which say something fresh and interesting for the global community, and as such, we welcome a wide variety of contributions, including:

● Viewpoints reflections which articulate a new problem, which challenge an existing practice, or which propose new perspectives based on robust argument
● Government or university policy analyses or evaluations
● Case studies which share innovative practice using robust methods or evaluation
● Action research studies (programme or longitudinal)
● Literature reviews and analyses which propose new perspectives
● Creative or arts-based methods including ethnographic or autoethnographic studies

The Special Issue Editorial team drawn together from around the world would like to invite ideas, abstracts or developed texts to the global unconference, starting 1 July 2022, with the same theme: ‘New Problems, New Solutions’. We welcome collaborative or cooperative papers, with researchers and practitioners partnering together to explore and write about shared interests and innovations. The unconference will support writing through workshops in August and September 2022. We look forward to your contributions!

The timeline of the Special Issue is:

● Submit full papers by 1st February 2023
● Complete all revisions according to reviewer feedback by July 2023
● Published September / November 2023

Author guidelines are available on the HESWBL website.

For more information you can contact HESWBL’s editor-in-chief, Professor Tony Wall: [email protected].