New Degree Apprenticeship Policy: NOW LIVE

New Degree Apprenticeship Policy: NOW LIVE

Following on from the IfATE’s publication of its consultation response in December and our response to the policy refresh of degree apprenticeships HERE, the Institute has published NEW GUIDANCE for Trailblazers in the development of new and revised standards. The new policy is being phased in via a transition period until September 2022 and went live on 16 March.

UVAC has worked closely with IfATE, UUK and several HEIs on the future Degree Apprenticeship model and welcome the changes that broadly reflect the position we have been advocating for several years.

The five key changes/principles are:

  • Mandatory qualification policy – recognition of the value of a degree in an Apprenticeship and support for Trailblazers to specify a mandatory degree in an Apprenticeship. Under a previous Apprenticeships and Skills minister and former IfATE chief executive the policy was to prevent Trailblazers from specifying a degree in an Apprenticeship unless it was a requirement to practice or not to include a degree would materially disadvantage an individual in the employment market. The new policy better enables degree apprenticeships for ‘graduate occupations’ (but a mandated degree is only allowed for an occupation that is a ‘degree-level entry’ occupation as evidenced by ONS data where we would have preferred the wording to include evidence provided by employer, professional body and/or sector research/evidence/data).
  • Degrees within Degree Apprenticeship fully integrate – with on-the-job training delivered through the Apprenticeship.
  • Degree will reflect KSBs – degree learning outcomes used to deliver the Degree Apprenticeship will be designed, delivered, and validated based on the KSBs specified in an Apprenticeship standard.
  • All Degree Apprenticeships will be based on the integrated model – that is the integration of the degree and work-based learning, on and off the job learning and the degree will be used to deliver the EPA.
  • Integrated Degree Apprenticeship use modules of the degree to deliver the EPA – under the reformed model EPA will include assessment by occupational and industry experts.

Best practice examples of KSB/degree alignment and on/off the job integration will be added to the guidance at a slightly later date.