Lifelong Loan Entitlement – UVAC RESPONSE

Lifelong Loan Entitlement – UVAC RESPONSE

Government is inviting comment on their consultation document by 6 May 2022.

From 2025, the lifelong loan entitlement will provide individuals with a loan entitlement to the equivalent of 4 years of post-18 education to use over their lifetime. It will be available for both modular and full-time study at higher technical and degree levels (levels 4 to 6), regardless of whether they are provided in colleges or universities.

DfE are seeking views on government’s ambition, objectives and coverage, together with aspects such as:

  • modularity
  • maintenance
  • quality provision
  • flexible learning
  • credit transfer
  • restrictions based on previous study

Read the Lifelong loan entitlement economic impact assessment.

UVAC has drafted its own response on behalf of its membership and we invite you to share any comments or observations with us by 4 May. We hope our draft version will help institutions make their own response too.

Drop us a line at [email protected] or call Mandy Crawford-Lee on 07763820713.

Read our response HERE.