IfATE Consultation Degree Apprenticeships – UVAC RESPONSE

IfATE Consultation Degree Apprenticeships – UVAC RESPONSE

The IfATE have opened its consultation on the refresh of Degree Apprenticeship policy.

The consultation closes on 16 September 2021.

This consultation sets out proposals for changes to existing policies that effect the development, approval and operation of degree apprenticeships.

These changes are intended to:

  1. ensure that the Institute’s policies and processes better recognise the role that degrees and graduate status play in the labour market
  2. provide a comprehensive development and approval framework for the creation and revision of degree apprenticeships
  3. ensure that degree apprenticeships are a distinctive offer that secures the best of apprenticeships and the best of higher education

The five proposed changes:

  1. better supporting graduate-entry occupation
  2. integration of on-the-job and off-the-job training
  3. alignment between apprenticeship knowledge, skills and behaviours and degree learning outcomes
  4. integration of assessment
  5. participation of an independent assessor with occupational expertise

See UVAC’s DRAFT response HERE: