Degree Apprenticeship Growth Fund – Survey: INVITATION

Degree Apprenticeship Growth Fund – Survey: INVITATION

The Education and Skills Funding Agency is attempting to make the strongest possible evidence-based case for further investment in degree apprenticeships. It would seem that following Ministerial support for a growth in degree apprenticeships, the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) wishes to ensure that any unmet employer demand is plugged and barriers to engagement are removed.

ESFA are looking to UVAC members to provide insight and intelligence as to the cost of first entering the market and then scaling up the apprenticeship offer (i.e. extending the offer, responding to procurement opportunities, developing provision in new disciplines/subject/occupational areas, investing in staff and infrastructure), taking into account it will vary by Standard and by institution.

We would like to invite colleagues to complete a survey for us on your institution’s experience as to the cost and commitments of setting up apprenticeship provision. Click the link below:

Without offering your/HE sector insights, the ESFA will struggle to advise Ministers and the DfE how to direct the investment of up to £8m of Strategic Priorities Grant funding to incentivise growth, detailed HERE, meaning we will lose the opportunity to advise Government of how we can meet Ministers’ ambitions.

With 39,204 start on L6+ apprenticeships in the last academic year (accounting for 12% of all starts in 2020/21) and representing an increase of 30% on the previous year, some of the questions now being asked will be challenging to answer. Such as how to broaden the range of Standards (with the top 10 Standards – of 266 overall- making up three quarters of total starts); how to appeal to a younger cohort (given growth is primarily driven by those aged 25+); and what strategies can be used to work better with SMEs, as large employers account for 90% of investment at L6 and L7? Contact [email protected] for more information.