ACE360 End Point Assessment Management System – Launched by FISSS

ACE360 End Point Assessment Management System – Launched by FISSS

ACE360 is the industry-standard End Point Assessment management system to streamline the EPA process, reduce cost, deliver efficiencies and improve quality of the assessment process for EPAOs, LTPs and Apprentices.

The ACE360 system has been developed to meet the changing needs of the education and training sector involved in the delivery and assessment of Apprenticeship Standards. With increased complexity and number of partner organisations, we recognise that Apprenticeship Standards could burden organisations with additional administration associated with the processing and sending/receiving of records. ACE360 resolves this issue and provides an end-to-end online solution leaving your organisation and your team with the time to deliver your role in the process without any hindrance.

With a reputation in the industry for maintaining quality and delivering efficiency, ACE360 is the only non-commercial and impartial Apprenticeship Management System on the market, built specifically for the interests of our users.

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Research of ACE360 into Higher Educational Institutions

PS EdTech with FISSS, supported by apprenticeship expert practitioners, is carrying out research:

Why did we conduct research into Higher Education Apprenticeships?
ACE360 is trusted by over 72 HEI’s to manage their apprenticeship data as a provider and/or Integrated End-Point Assessment Organisation. The Federation wanted to identify, and better understand a number of key operational challenges faced by HEI’s. Specifically, the focus of the project was to understand current issues pertaining to delivery, on- programme assessment, end point assessment and submission of data returns for funding and certification.

Who was this Higher Education Apprenticeship research conducted for?
The research was conducted independently by FISSS as a mechanism to support HEIs, External Quality Assurance organisations and industry bodies.

What outcome are we hoping for?
At ACE360, we simplify the certification process. Better understanding the key challenges has already helped to scope the future of apprenticeship delivery and management within HEI’s. We hope the independent research is well-received to improve overcome current challenges and create consistency in a quality certification model. We’re driven by certification ensuring quality and robustness in the EPA process to provide an efficient assessment and certification service – supporting and enabling universities to ensure standards are maintained., This quality focus rather not than commerciality, so see such work we see as integral to our core mission.

How do you as an HEI get involved?

PS EdTech with FISSS, supported by apprenticeship expert practitioners and service design professionals, is delivering university workshops focused on reviewing and streamlining HE apprenticeship operating models to underpin growth plans, improve stakeholder alignment, support migration to integrated degree apprenticeships and help institutions to comply with EQA by reviewing the latest DQB guidance. Insights from these workshops will be shared with the sector through the UVAC membership.

FISSS is collaborating with UVAC to look at best practice and quality assurance around apprenticeship End Point Assessment.

FISSS will be offering guidance and providing resources to support quality assurance and compliance around EPA for UVAC member institutions at the UVAC Annual Conference in November. Contact Robert Herriot [email protected] at FISSS for further information.

If you would like to discuss a workshop for your institution, please express interest via this link Cost-Effective Apprenticeship Management Solution – ACE360 – Home.