Our guest speaker this time will be Rob Stroud, Director – Quality Assessment, England at QAA on the approach to EQA of EPA for integrated degree apprenticeships. We have been waiting a very long time to hear about the agreed model including the role of a dedicated external examiner for EPA, so don’t miss this opportunity to hear it directly and for a chance to ask questions. The rest of the UVAC team will be summarising all the relevant policy developments that are informing and impacting on higher education delivering skills training and apprenticeships: from T level progression, higher technical qualifications, short course provision, workforce development needs, degree apprenticeships policy proposals, and access and participation. Click HERE to Register


It has been five years since the launch of apprenticeship standards and degree apprenticeships remains one of the fastest growing apprenticeships. This workshop will explore a range of aspects: • Consider the challenges presented by growing apprenticeships and what this means for investment in resourcing, changes in practice and roles and responsibilities to ensure that quality and compliance are maintained • Review the pitfalls to avoid based on successful practice already in place amongst members • Consider the emerging policy landscape and what this means for growth - from T Levels, Lifelong learning loans, EQA, emerging new standards and wherever government is focussed as we reach the end of the current academic year. Click HERE to Register


This session will explore the latest information about the External Quality Assurance model for Integrated degree apprenticeships and what this will mean for practice, policies, costs and how to prepare now for the impact in 2023. We hope to have speakers from OfS and will be exploring the experience of working with OfQUAL EQA as a backdrop for assessing the challenges and good practice that we need to embed in preparation.   Click HERE to Register